Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids Poshglad Braided Wigs
Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids Poshglad Braided Wigs
Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids Poshglad Braided Wigs
Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids Poshglad Braided Wigs
Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids Poshglad Braided Wigs
Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids Poshglad Braided Wigs
Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids Poshglad Braided Wigs
Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids
Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids 1883500001
Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids 1883500001

Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids

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Product Name: Beyoncé Honey Blonde Knotless Braids

Product SKU: 1883500001#

This unit is a custom hand-tied knotless braids wig with selective custom options.

Exact Product Description
Braids Type: Knotless Braids / 100% Hand-Braided.
Cap Size: Medium Cap 22-22.5 inches.
Lace Material: Swiss HD Full Lace Human Hair. (We can construct this wig with any lace material of your choice)
Hair Color: Honey Blonde or Exactly like the picture.
Model's Hair Length: Calf Length.
Density/Volume: Full.
Hair Root: Skip this option.
Hair Material: 100% human hair and premium quality kanekalon synthetic fiber.
Baby Hair: Yes, pre-plucked with baby hair
Wig Parting Type: Knots Free-Part
Knot Bleach Features: Yes, light knot bleach option.
Weight: 1.2 lbs.
Warranty: 2-3 years.
Processing Time: We ship according to your chosen processing time

Benefits Of Braided Wigs

  • Protect Your Natural Hair - Take the pressure off cutting, coloring, and braiding your natural hair. Give your natural hair a well-worth break.
  • Healthy under-growth - Less stress on the scalp allows for new hair to grow.
  • Hairloss Prevention - Study shows that braiding on your natural hair over a long period causes receding hairline, baldness, and long-term alopecia; with braided wigs, you don't have to worry about any of that.
  • Stay On-Trend - Switch it up in a blink of an eye—a perfect way to stay on trend without compromising your precious tresses.
  • Easy Installation - Save time and money by not spending the whole day in a salon getting a sore bum when you can wake up, fix on your braided wig and go!
  • Premium Quality - 100% High-Quality human hair and the best kanekalon premium fiber. Neatly & tightly braided for long-lasting use for 2-3 years. Exceptionally lightweight and most realistic natural hair look.

Friendly Reminder: Braided wigs beginners should install in a salon by a professional hairstylist.

Words From Professional Hairstylists

  • Have you been thinking of ways to spice up your style with the best braids for the coming season? This look alone brings freedom and versatility to easy daily styling.
  • Beautiful women worldwide are flooding hair salons hoping to achieve one of the many glamorous knotless braids styles. Who knew you could find glamour in simplicity?
  • The protected strands weaved in and out allow your hair to flourish and maintain high moisture content while in this style.
  • It's the perfect braided wigs for any occasion, whether it's a big meeting in town, a birthday party, a wedding, a date, or just catching up with friends and family.
Shipping Information Shipping Fee  Handling Time  Return Policy
  • Ready To Ship wigs ship within 24-48 hours after payment.
  • Custom Orders ships according to the instructions on the product page.
  • Delivery Time: express shipping usually takes around 2-5 business days.
  • Cancellation: all order cancellation require a 48 hours notice starting from the time your order was received from our website. Cancellation that exceed 48 hours is subject to a cancellation fee. 
  • Fast Refund, 100% Money Back Guarantee: We accept returns for up to 10 days. After you receive your wig and you are unsatisfied, you have 10 days to return it back. 10 days starts from the delivery date showing on the courier company website’s tracking page. After 10 days has passed we do not accept returns.
  • Return Process: First send us pictures and explain in details reasons for the return.
  • Please Note that the Item must unused, undamaged and in its original package.
  • Return Fee: Return label or return shipping fee to Lagos is paid by buyer.



    When you first receive your braided wig, take it out of the package and stretch it out fingers combined because the packaging might make them fold/wrinkle. By doing this, it'll make the wig go back to its normal state over time.

    • How To Wash: Dip midway into a bowl of lukewarm water with a few drops of shampoo and then rinse afterward. The whole purpose of dipping the wig into lukewarm water is to get rid of sweat and dust after usage.
    • Drying The Wig: The best way to dry a braided wig is underneath direct sunlight in an open-air space. Nothing comes close to natural daylight and natural air. It is best to let your wig dry overnight and have a backup version on hand if you need to wear one right away. Blow drying a braided wig is acceptable, but you should blow with care to avoid hair frizz. Apply hair mousse while wet and as desired from time to time when dry to keep frayed hair away. Always hang upright with the tips straight too. You can hang them on a wig hanger, a standard house hanger, on a mannequin, or a suspended rope.
    • Wig Conditioner/Cream: Depending on the braided wig you have, you should spray a conditioner every time you wear your wig or apply a cream version to keep the shine. 


    • Do not have your braided wig tied up too often because doing this will leave the ends looking tacky.
    • Do not plait the ends.
    • Unless you already know how to maintain braided wigs, do not sleep with your braided wig on because that will result in many frayed hairs appearing.

    Good maintenance is the key to getting good value for your money. No matter how good something is, if not properly maintained, it will wither away.

    DENSITY: Refers to the degree of compactness of the wig.

    • Less than standard density has fewer knots than standard or full-density, it is light weight, sparsely compact and less bulky it's about 80-90% compact.
    • On our website “Exactly Like the picture” is the standard density as it is on the wig photo. It is light weight, sparsely compact and less bulky. (It's 100% compact)
    • Full density has a lot of braids and it can be slightly heavy too. This is recommended for those who love to have a lot of braids on their wig. (It's 130% compact)
    • Heavy density is recommended for those who like their wig full, heavy, bulky and spaceless with a lot of braids. (It's about 150% compact)

    THICKNESS: Refers to how tiny or big you want your braids to look.

    • On our website micro braid is tiny.
    • small braid is not as thick as the medium.
    • Medium braid is thick, but not as thick as the large
    • LARGE braid is thick
    • JUMBO braid is the largest and thickest braid.


    In this section, you will find our braiding hair color chart, the color chart showcase a wide array of hair colors. These colors are an example of what your preferred hair color will look like.

    Braiding hair color chart

    The picture below shows how we measure lengths. Kindly specify If you are above 6ft0 or below 5ft2 to help us make the perfect length for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    (1) How long will it take to receive my wig?

    Ready To Ship wigs ship within 24-48 hours after payment.

    Custom Orders ship according to the instructions on the product page, such as Regular 20 working days, Rush priority processing in 10 working days, or Super rush priority processing in 5 working days. 

    Delivery Time express shipping usually takes around 2-5 business days.

    Fast Refund, 100% Money Back Guarantee: We accept returns for up to 10 days. After you receive your wig and are unsatisfied, you have ten days to return it to us. Ten days start from the delivery date shown on the courier company website's tracking page. After ten days have passed, unfortunately, we do not accept returns. In addition, the insurance fee of $10 is non-refundable.

    Return Process: First, send us pictures and explain in detail the reasons for the return.

    Please Note that the Item must be unused, undamaged, and in its original package.

    Return Fee: Return label or return shipping fee to Lagos is paid by the buyer.

    We work very hard to get most orders out on time; if your order is delayed for reasons beyond our control, like in a pandemic or government lockdown, We'll notify you by email or WhatsApp. The total turnaround time is five weeks maximum, so kindly bear with us; we promise that you will love your wig.

    (2) What is the difference between Processing Time and Delivery Time?

    • Answer: Processing time implies to a quick fulfillment time. Let say you want your order fulfilled in a rush and don't want to wait for the regular 20 working days; you pay extra to skip the long wait time.
    • Delivery Time: This is the time it takes for the shipping company to pick up your package from us and deliver it to you. Delivery time with Dhl, FedEx, or UPS usually takes around 2-5 days.

     (3) How can I get a wholesale deal?

    • Answer: All you have to do is buy five braided wigs via our WhatsApp chat. To get you started, contact us on WhatsApp with this phone number +2347031371404 and request wholesale or send us an email at  

    (4) I placed an order, but I didn't receive a confirmation email or SMS.

    • Answer: First, check your email spam folder to see if it's there. If it's not there, double check your email address to ensure you input the correct email. If you didn't receive SMS confirmation, double check your phone number to ensure it's the right number.

    (5) What is the difference between HD Lace and a light brown or a dark brown lace?

    • Answer: HD Lace for braided wigs are slightly thicker than HD Lace for weaves. HD Lace is undetectable, near invisible to the naked eyes, perfect for black women of any shade. Please note that the color of this lace is model after your scalp, not your skin tone. On the other hand, light brown lace has a brown hue, and its skin color is selective. With HD lace, most people won't know that you are wearing a braided wig. Click here for => TYPES OF LACE MATERIAL FOR BRAIDED WIGS

    (6) Can I wear the wig glueless?

    • Answer: Yes, you can. All our full wigs are glueless. They come with an elastic band, an adjustable strap-on, and four combs to hold it perfectly in place.

    (7) Can I go to bed with the wig?

    • Answer: Yes.

    (8) How heavy are the wigs?

    • Answer: Not heavy. Nevertheless, the issue of weight can be subjective because what is heavy for one person may not be severe for another, so it's tough to tell. Still, If we go by the judgment of our over 60,000 monthly website visitors and our 320+ reviews, then it's fair to say that our wigs are super lightweight. The weight of a wig depends on the style, length, and capsize of choice. Standard full lace wigs weigh around 200g to 1 kg, frontal wigs are between 1 kg to 1.5 kg, and closure wigs are about 1 kg to 1.5 kg.

    (9) Can I wash the wig after use?

    • Answer: Yes, you should wash your wig from time to time with lukewarm water and shampoo and then allow it to dry underneath the sun to avoid a damp smell. The wig is like your natural hair; you should take proper care of it like your actual hair.

    (10) Can I shower with the wig?

    • Answer: Yes, you can if you know how to maintain a braided wig, BUT we strongly advice NOT to shower with it.

    (11) How many years will the wig last?

    • Answer: Like everything in life, if properly maintained, it can last for 3-4 years; if not properly maintained, it can last for 2-3 years.

    (12) What should I do if I pick the wrong options and my wig looks spacious in the middle and I want it to be packed and bulky?

    • Answer: You should take it to a salon near you for a professional hairstylist to either add more braids or take out more until it suits your requirement.

    (13) Where are we located?

    • Answer: Our offices are located in Delaware, United States, and Lagos, Nigeria. Our corporate office is in Delaware, and our production factory is in Lagos, Nigeria. So when you buy our wigs, you are technically getting the purest form of braided wigs from the source.

    (14) Do we make customized wigs?

    • Answer: Yes, all our wigs are custom handmade. If you have any special requests, kindly use our website's unique request option, or you can contact us on our WhatsApp number, website 24/7 live chat support, text support, and let us know what you want, and we'll make it for you. 

    (15) What is the standard capsize?

    • Answer: Standard capsize is Medium [ standard tape measurement 22-22.5]. We usually recommend customers to take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of their head so that they'll know their perfect capsize because different people have different head sizes. Click here to see our cap size chart. All our full lace wigs come with four combs, an adjustable strap-on, and a rubber band strap.

    (16) Can I put my wig in a bun?

    • Answer: For the most part, yes. However, the style of wig you have can be a decider of whether you can make a bun or not.

     (17) What types of payment do we accept?

    • Answer: We accept every direct payment such as credit/debit card payment, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Cashapp, Zelle, Western Union payment, Local and international wire transfer payment, Nigeria direct access bank payment, and SEPA payments. We temporarily do not accept Paypal because of Paypal's trickled down systemic racism towards black businesses.

    (18) Do we offer installment payments?

    • Answer: Yes.

    (19) Do we drop ship?

    • Answer: Yes, we do drop shipping. Click here for reference.

    (20) Why is the price on the commercial waybill different from the actual cost?

    • Answer: Unless a customer specifies, we DO NOT condone putting a different price on our commercial invoice for tax purposes. Some customers may ask us to lower the price on their commercial invoice because if we put the actual website price of the wig on their commercial invoice, their package may be subject to import tax. If you do not want the actual website price of the wig to reflect on your commercial invoice/waybill for tax-exempt purposes, kindly let us know, and we'll be glad to assist.

    (21) Why do we have multi-choice options on the product page?

    • Answer: Because we want our customers to be delighted with what you are getting from us. Most braided wig websites sell you any wig without asking for your details or measurements like your cap size, preferred color, preferred length, or density. Braided wigs are like custom-made clothes; you can buy one from the dollar store or have a professional brand make you a beautiful tailor-made outfit. The choice is yours. Our scalp-looking luxury wigs are like the Louis Vuitton of braided wigs, and we know it. 

    (22)  Are we legit? 

    • Answer: Duh! Yes, we are legit. We are a registered tax-paying American company, and we are also a reported tax-paying corporate affairs commissions Nigerian company. We are DHL business approved, UPS business approved, FedEx business approved, Google business verified, Facebook/Instagram business verified.

    (23) What does the term knot bleach mean?

    • Answer: This refers to applying a bleaching product to the knots on the lace. A knot is each strand of hair hand-tied into the lace at the base of the wig cap. We use this process to lighten the knots, creating an illusion that matches the scalp color, making it less detectable and natural in appearance.

    (24) What countries do we ship to?

    • Answer: We ship worldwide. 

    (25) What does shipping Insurance cover?

    • Answer: We strongly advise buying shipping insurance to protect your package from unforeseen circumstances. When you pay for shipping insurance, your package gets insured by DHL, FedEx, or UPS insurance. PLEASE NOTE that our insurance doesn't cover stolen mail to porch pirates; we cover the shipping process from dispatch-transit-delivery. If your package go missing or stolen en-route to your shipping address, we'll inform the shipping company about the claims and then wait for 3-5 business days for their response. If they confirm that the package is undelivered, lost, or missing, they'll reimburse us the total amount, and we'll send you a new wig or issue you a full refund. Please note that this could take some time to settle because the shipping company and the insurance company would likely investigate the claims. Please see Shipping Policy for a detailed explanation of our insurance claim process.

    (26) I paid for UPS, but my order was ship with FedEx or DHL. Why?

    • Answer: Please note that we may decide to use a different courier company to ship your order if the selected courier company didn't come to pick it up on time. Such an approach is to avoid delay or elapse of fast production time. For example, if you select UPS as your preferred shipper and UPS didn't come to pick up at the scheduled date and time, we may use DHL or FedEx to ship your order. We'll instantly reimburse you for the price difference.

    (27) My package says delivered, but I didn't receive my parcel, and I paid for shipping insurance.

    • Answer: We understand how anxious you are to have your merchandise, and that's what we want too. Even though the courier tracking shows a status of "delivered," sometimes the tracking status may not be correct. Rarely, a package is actually "lost." So kindly wait for a few days to see if the box will show up.

    Here are possible reasons and steps for you and us to take to locate your package.

    1. Another household member may have received the package and placed it somewhere within the residence.

    • What to do? Please check with other household members and neighbors to see if they've received the package.

    2. The package may still be in the truck or at the local post office. Sometimes shipping companies can be petty; they use regional post offices to save going to remote locations.

    • What to do? Wait a few days past the "delivered" date shown on the tracking. This same scenario has happened to us before. We waited for several days after the search showed "delivered," The package showed up two days later.

    3. The package may have been delivered to the wrong address, perhaps a nearby neighbor's house.

    • What to do? Please check with neighbors, your postal carrier, or call your post office and inquire.

    4. If all the above steps fail to turn up the package, the issue may be related to stolen mail.

    • What to do? First, call the shipping company and file a lost package claim. We will also initiate a "stolen mail" report with the courier company Inspector's office. You will need to complete an affidavit affirming the package's status as "stolen," and the courier company inspector may contact you. In addition, you should also complete a stolen mail report, if necessary, a homeowners or renters insurance loss affidavit. You might need to file a "stolen mail" report with your local police department, so there is a record of mail theft in your area. A police officer will come out and speak with you, take photographs, look at nearby CCTV footage etc, so that his report is accurate under the law. He could also interview you, neighbors, or business owners if the delivery address were a commercial location if this has happened recently in your neighborhood. He will ask about recent deliveries and/or suspicious activity in your area. The insurance company will need a copy of his report to file an insurance claim. Mail theft is a federal crime, so they take this very seriously. As with every insurance company, a proper investigation will be carried out to determine whether the insurance claim is true or false, so please bear with us. They will check the dispatcher's driving route, CCTV footage, and package scan location for the delivery date. Please note that all of this would take some time, so kindly allow 3-5 business days.

    After investigation: if the insurance company concludes that the package is undelivered, missing, or stolen, they'll reimburse us the total amount, and we will either send you a new wig or issue you a full refund. Please note that we have no control over these things. We are just a small company trying to serve our customers well. 

    (28) Inquiry that is not on our FAQ?

    • Answer: If you have questions that are not addressed on our FAQs or any other section of our website, do not worry! Contact us through our website's 24/7 live chat support, email support, text support, and direct phone call support. We reply within minutes.

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