Cap Size Chart

extra small cap size is 20-21
small cap size is 21-21.5
Medium cap size is 22-22.5
LARGE cap size is 22.5-23.5
EXTRA LARGE size is 24

How our wig look and fit on your head is a top priority to us that's why we strongly advise our customers to measure the circumference of their head before ordering our wig. This initiative is to help you know the perfect cap size fit for you. We will not be liable for ordering the wrong cap size of wig.  


(1) Circumference: Implies to the circular measurement of your head. To get the circumference of your head measure from one ear around to the other ear and back to the same ear you started from. See diagram below for reference . . .
(2) Front to Nape: Your nape is the back of your neck. Take a take measuring tape and measure from your hairline, along the middle of your head and to the back of your neck where your neck connect to your head. See diagram below for reference . . . .
(3) Ear to ear across the forehead: Take a measuring take and measure from one ear to the other along your forehead. See diagram below for reference.
(4) Ear to ear over top: Take a measuring take and measure from one ear to the other across the top of your head. See diagram below for reference.
(5) Temple to temple round back: Place one end of the tape measure on your temple, then wrap the tape measure around the back of your head all the way to your other temple. The measuring tape should follow the natural curve of the back of your skull.
(6) Nape of neck: Place one end of the tape measure behind your ear and follow the nape of your neck around to your other ear. A good place to start and finish is the small crease where a pair of sunglasses would sit. Use your mirror to ensure that you are measuring the correct path along the back of your head.