How To Maintain Braided Wigs

Before we jump into discussing how to maintain braided wigs, let's talk about the difference between braided wigs and weaves. Braided wigs are hair extensions or weaves interwoven to form a beautiful braid pattern such as cornrow braids, box braids, knotless braids, Micro braids, Distress Locs, etc. Braided wigs can be glued or glueless.


Glued braided wigs applies adhesive on a lace wig cap and then glues the wig to the scalp. This approach is very unpopular amongst black women because of the inconvenience of getting a professional stylist to fix it and then remove it afterward. Glued braided wigs are best suited for people with alopecia or hair loss. On the other hand, weaves are artificial hair integrations, more commonly known as hair extensions, hair weaves, fake hair, or human hair. Hair extensions are usually clipped, glued, or sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair into a wig lace.




There are four significant types of lace wig material: full lace wigs, 360 lace wigs, lace front wigs, and closure lace wigs. The difference is the size of the internal lace area. Now that we know the difference between weaves and braided wigs let's talk about the best ways to maintain braided wigs for black women. When you first receive your braided wig, take it out of the bag or package and stretch it out; fingers combine because the packaging might make them fold/wrinkle. By doing this, it'll make the wig go back to its normal state. Asses the wig and wear it on your head to ensure that it's the right wig you ordered. Remove the wig and hang them on a wig hanger, regular house hanger, on a mannequin, or a suspended rope. After you do that, run your fingers through the braids like a comb to detangle any tangled braids. If the tips of your wig are unraveling, take it to a salon nearby for a professional braid hairstylist to help you plait it back to the way it was.


  • How To Wash: Dip midway into a bowl of lukewarm water with a few drops of shampoo and then rinse afterward. The whole purpose of dipping the wig into lukewarm water is to get rid of sweat and dust after usage.
  • Drying The Wig:  The best way to dry a braided wig is underneath direct sunlight in an open-air space. Nothing comes close to natural daylight and natural air. It is best to let your wig dry overnight and have a backup version on hand if you need to wear one right away. Blow drying a braided wig is acceptable, but you should blow with care to avoid hair frizz. Apply hair mousse while wet and as desired from time to time when dry to keep frayed hair away. Always hang upright with the tips straight too. You can hang them on a wig hanger, a regular house hanger, on a mannequin, or a suspended rope.
  • Wig Conditioner/Cream: Depending on the braided wig you have, you should spray a conditioner every time you wear your wig or apply a cream version to keep the shine. 


    • Do not have your braided wig tied up too often because doing this will leave the ends looking tacky.
    • Do not plait the ends by yourself if you have no braiding experience.
    • Unless you already know how to maintain braided wigs, do not sleep with your braided wig on because that will result in many frayed hairs appearing.
    • Unless you know how to maintain braided wigs, we highly advise not to shower with your braided wig.
    • Good maintenance culture is the key to getting value for your money, meaning no matter how good the product is, if not properly maintained, it will wither away.

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