How To Maintain Braided Wigs

To maintain braided wigs, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Washing: Use a mild shampoo and lukewarm water to wash the braided wig. Gently work the shampoo into the wig, focusing on the scalp area. Rinse thoroughly and let it air dry.

  2. Conditioning: Apply a conditioner specifically made for wigs or braids to keep the hair soft and manageable. Avoid applying conditioner to the roots as it can loosen the braids.

  3. Drying: After washing, gently squeeze out excess water from the wig and pat it dry with a towel. Do not wring or twist the wig. Place it on a wig stand or mannequin head to air dry completely.

  4. Styling: Avoid using heat styling tools on braided wigs as it can damage the synthetic fibers. Instead, use a wig comb or your fingers to style the braids gently.

  5. Storage: When not in use, store the braided wig on a wig stand or in a breathable bag to prevent tangling and dust accumulation. Keep it away from direct sunlight and heat.

By following these maintenance tips, you can keep your braided wig looking fresh and ensure its longevity.


      • Do not have your braided wig tied up too often because doing this will leave the ends looking tacky.
      • Do not plait the ends by yourself if you have no braiding experience.
      • Unless you already know how to maintain braided wigs, do not sleep with your braided wig on because that will result in many frayed hairs appearing.
      • Unless you know how to maintain braided wigs, we highly advise not to shower with your braided wig.
      • Good maintenance culture is the key to getting value for your money, meaning no matter how good the product is, if not properly maintained, it will wither away.

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