Cheap Wig Scam Websites And How They Work

Dear shoppers, please BEWARE OF fraudulent wig websites such as BRAIDSCO, WIGSVO, GOATWIGS, MOTEMHAIR, EGOWIGS and many more. We will continue to update this article with their names as we find them on the internet. These phony websites are owned and operated by a group of Chinese script kiddy whose sole purpose is to scam black women of their hard earn money with the help of Paypal. The Paypal mafia loves businesses that wreak havoc on black women, but we will continue to fight and expose them. We have reported these scam websites to Paypal in 2021, and they did absolutely nothing about it. We did the same to Google countless times without a reply. After multiple tries, we finally got a response from Google stating that the internet is a free place and they can't do anything about it unless we file a trademark dispute. We have been keeping track of the culprits for a while, and we have some vital information about them. We have also reported their scamming activities with evidence to Shopify, Godaddy, Shoplazza, and the Delaware police department. All of them turn a blind eye to our complaint, and we know why - because it doesn't hurt w***e women, so it's none of their business. 



  1. First, they use fake information to register on, a 93% scam-infested e-commerce hosting company from China. 
  2. Then, they steal pictures from legitimate websites and upload them to their fake cloned website.
  3. They signup for a Paypal account and the scamming begins.
  4. They create fake social media and fake Google ad account with phony information and run multiple Google ads campaigns. Because Google algorithm is machine learning and these scammers know this, they utilize the power of unrealistic dirt-cheap pricing to lure their victim. Because the prices are unrealistically low with all kinds of untrue promises, they are usually at the TOP of Google search results.

'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true''.


The question of whether you will get your money back is most likely uncertain, and here's why. After purchasing from the scammer's website with Paypal, they may decide to send you a packaged $2 shoe lace or a toy pen via China post or a phony post office. The whole purpose is to get a shipping tracking number that they can upload to Paypal. Because Paypal is a middleman who collects transaction fees, all they know is that an item was shipped to you, and they can see the uploaded tracking number on their system. After receiving the package and you find that it's not what you order they shipped to you, your next move is to file a dispute with Paypal to get your money back. They will counter claim and tell Paypal that your order was shipped and they have a tracking number proof. That, If you don't like your order, you should return the item for a refund. So, you head to a post office or a shipping company to send the toy pen back, and the shipping company tells you a ridiculous amount to ship the item back to China. It will be nearly four to five times the cost of the item. You've just hit a brick wall because it doesn't make any sense to ship an item worth $39 with $150. That's when you'll realize that you've just been scammed. Most people never say anything or pursue legal battles to save face value and not be looked down on. They typically accept their loss and walk away. 

If you are lucky, the scammer will offer you half of your money for you to keep the item. That's another mind game too; it's a game of half bread is better than none. Most people would take half of their money as opposed to losing everything. That way, they'll ask you to close the Paypal dispute in exchange for half of your money, and they'll ask you to inform Paypal that your concern has been resolved. When you do that, Paypal will close the case, and they'll moved on to their next victim. These scams go unnoticed everyday; that's why you've probably never heard of them.

This is how the entire online cheap wig scam works. Legitimate black-owned businesses such as ours suffer from the hands of these scammers and their mafia boss Paypal. Paypal has been discretely shutting down black-owned businesses' Paypal accounts for years, and we are their victim too. 

To help us fight these scammers, Paypal's systemic racism towards black businesses and to restore our Paypal account, kindly call Paypal with the below phone numbers and ask them to restore Poshglad Braided Wigs Paypal account. If all of us keep calling them, they'll know that we are serious, and they risk getting more calls and losing more customers, and that's not what they want. So, let's utilize our collective powers to get Paypal and Google to do the right thing. 

Here are Paypal's phone numbers, please call them on our behalf. 

Paypal Phone Numbers: (402)-935-7733 


Thank you and God bless.



  • Elizabeth

    I have a question is yarahouse a fraudulent wig website. I can not find any information on them.

  • Liaa

    I think is a scam!

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