Wig Maintenance


When you first receive your braided wig take it out of the package/bag and stretch it out fingers combine because the packaging might make them fold/wrinkle, by doing this it’ll make the wig go back to it's normal state with time.

How To Wash Your Wig: Dip midway into a bowl of luke warm water with few drops of shampoo and then rinse afterwards. The whole purpose of dipping the wig into luke warm water is to get rid of sweat and dust after usage.

Drying The Wig:  The best way to dry a braided wig is underneath direct sunlight in an open air space. Nothing come close to natural sunlight and natural air. It is best to let your wig dry overnight and have a backup version on hand if you need to wear one right away. Blow drying a braided wig is acceptable but you should blow with care to avoid hair frizz. Apply hair mousse while wet and as desired from time to time when dry to keep frayed hair away. Always hang upright with the tips straight too. You can hang them on a wig hanger, normal house hanger, on a mannequin or a suspended rope.

Wig Conditioner/Cream: Depending on the kind of braided wig you have you should spray a conditioner every time you wear your wig or apply a cream version to keep the shine. 

Don’t Do The Following:

* Do not have your braided wig tied up too often, because doing this will leave the ends looking tacky.

* Do not plait the ends.

* Unless you already know how to maintain braided wigs do not sleep with your braided wig on because that will result in a lot of frayed hairs appearing.

Good maintenance is the key to getting good value for your money, no matter how good something is, if not properly maintained it will wither away.